Travrsa-LT Transport Wheelchair

Travrsa-LT Transport Wheelchair

The Travrsa-LT Transport Wheelchair is the peak of innovation in the non-emergency medical transportation (NEMT) field. Designed to meet the highest comfort and safety standards, it’s easy to see why passengers and operators love the Travrsa-LT Transport Wheelchair.

  • Reduces workload – safely and easily used by a single operator or driver. Saves time by adjusting quickly in the field, making boarding and alighting faster.
  • High Return on Investment – Time and money savings will pay for the equipment after just a short period of time.
  • Adjustable – for multiple client sizes and adaptable to any pickup or drop-off location.
  • Compatible with Your Fleet – The Travrsa-LT easily fits into conversion and transport vans, is compatible with 4-Point tie-down systems, and quickly loads onto side- or rear-entry ramps.

Why the Travrsa-LT Delivers for NEMT

Full Crash-test Certification

The Travrsa-LT is fully WC19 compliant which reduces risk and allows for assured safety and reliability.

Provides Premium Comfort on the Go

20° infinity adjustable tilt and Broda Comfort Tension Seating® system molds to the passenger’s body for the ultimate comfort.

Elevating Seat Surface Adjusts Vertically with Full Recline

Smoothly raise and lower from 22.5″ to 32″ meeting the required heights of beds, patient chairs, or furniture for an easy lateral transfer. Adjustable to 90° full recline into lay-flat for safe and quick side transfers.

Pivots 90° and Slide Horizontally for Ultimate Maneuverability in Tight Spaces

Unique Pivot Assist® system allows for smooth 360° turns around a fixed point and horizontal sliding movement for maximum maneuverability in vans and other tight spaces where and how you need it.

The TRAVRSA-LT in Action

When you use the Travrsa-LT, you’re ensuring the safety of operators and occupants from pickup, to transit, to drop-off. Travel in comfort. Travel with Travrsa.

Degrees of TiltUp to 20°, Infinitely Adjustable
Degrees of ReclineUp to 90°, Infinitely Adjustable and Lay-flat
Weight CapacityUp to 450 lbs. (158 kg)
Seat Widths20" - 24" (50cm - 63cm); Adjustable
Seat Depth18.5" (46cm)
Back Height32" (81cm)
Seat Surface Heights22.5" - 32" (42cm - 81cm), Adjustable
Lifetime Frame Warranty5 years
Product Dimensions27 & 5/8" wide, 52" tall [48" in full tilt] \ (69.9cm wide, 132cm tall [121cm in full tilt])

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