The First NEMT Focused Wheelchair

Meet the Travrsa-LT Transport Wheelchair

Our most vulnerable populations rely on non-emergency medical transportation every day. Only with the NEMT-focused Travrsa-LT Wheelchair can NEMT operators provide a safe, dignified, and comfortable experience while improving their operator safety, efficiency, and total bottom line. Every ride counts; every rider matters.

The TRAVRSA-LT in Action


When you use the Travrsa-LT, you’re ensuring the safety of your NEMT operators and riders, starting at pickup, through transit, and finishing the drop-off. 


Every ride counts; every rider matters.

We reimagined the future of NEMT with a wheelchair that is comfortable, safe, and reliable; focusing on what matters most to help you get the job done better.


Exceeds the WC19 standards for wheelchair transportation safety

Reduces workload

Safely and easily used by a single operator or driver

Improves Safety

Reduces injury risk during transfers, loading, and unloading.

High Return on Investment

Time and monetary savings can pay for the initial equipment cost after a few trips.

Ready for a Demo or Want to Talk to Sales?

We are excited to show you what Travrsa by Broda can do! Our team is happy to set up a demonstration or discuss specifics. Sessions are available virtually or in-person.

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