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How NEMT Businesses Can Save Money and Increase ROI with the Travrsa-LT Transport Wheelchair

Running a non-emergency medical transportation service doesn’t have to be so expensive. With high equipment costs and insurance rates to ever-increasing wage demand, many operators are looking for ways to reduce costs. The Travrsa-LT Transport Wheelchair is a great solution. This wheelchair is less expensive than some standard NEMT seating solutions and includes additional features for passenger comfort. It is

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How NEMT Operators Can Reduce Risk & Prevent Accidents

In the unfortunate event of a motor vehicle accident, who is liable for passenger injury? Non-Emergency Medical Transportation (NEMT) providers are responsible for their passengers’ well-being and are typically held liable in case of a collision. Lawsuits involving passenger injury can be costly and may have devastating effects on a small NEMT business. Because of this, how NEMT operators can

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How to Overcome Industry Challenges & Competition in NEMT

The NEMT (Non-Emergency Medical Transportation) industry is a rapidly growing sector of healthcare that provides transportation services to those who need assistance getting to and from medical appointments, hospital discharges, rehab facilities, social events, and more. As the demand for these services continues to increase, so do the challenges facing the NEMT industry today. These challenges include rising costs, increased

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5 Reasons to Use the Travrsa-LT Transport Wheelchair vs. a Stretcher or Gurney

For non-emergency medical transportation providers, providing exceptional patient care is a top priority. Transport wheelchairs offer numerous advantages over stretchers and gurneys for safely and comfortably transferring patients, especially when combined with a WC19 certification. With more safety features and an ergonomic design than traditional transport equipment options, the WC19 certified transport wheelchair provides your passengers with optimal comfort and

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5 Reasons to Use the Travrsa-LT Instead of a Standard Transport Wheelchair

Many wheelchairs on the market are advertised as “transport wheelchairs”, but what does that truly mean? Just because a wheelchair is designated as a “transport wheelchair” doesn’t mean that it meets the rigorous safety standards necessary for use as a vehicle seat during transit. In fact, many of these products are made from flimsy materials that don’t stand a chance

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