The IKON 40 is an ultralightweight folding manual wheelchair designed for maximum durability, performance, and adjustability.

K0005 HCPCS Authorized*


  • Ultralightweight: 29.85 lbs 
  • 16″, 18″, 20″, 22″ Seat Widths
  • 24″, 22″ Mag Wheels
  • 5″, 6″, 8″ Caster Wheels


  • 300 lbs Maximum Occupant Weight
  • 7 Years Lifetime Frame Warranty
  • 2 Years Components Warranty
  • Rear Anti-Tip Devices for safety and preventing falls


  • 0″ – 5″ Lateral Range Center of Gravity (CoG) rear mag wheel axle
  • 14.5″ – 19″ Front Seat Surface Height
  • 16″ – 21″ Seat Depth
  • 0° – 10° Back Cane Recline Angle
  • 0″ – 2″ Height Range, flip back, and removable Arm Supports
  • 13″ – 17″ Range Height Angle Adjustable Lower Leg Supports with Angle Adjustable Foot Supports

MSRP $2,222 USD

For Convenience: all Matrx® Seating and Broda® Cushion Items Arrive in the same box as IKON 40 Wheelchairs

Seat Cushion Options:

Back Support & Cushion Options:

Choose Your Head Support: Optional* Only Available with Back Supports

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