How is the Travrsa-LT different from a stretcher?

How is the Travrsa-LT Different From a Stretcher?

The Travrsa-LT Transport Wheelchair is safer to use than a stretcher for most passengers. The Travrsa-LT also offers many benefits over a stretcher or gurney, including a lower cost, only one operator requirement, less tipping risk, increased comfort, the ability to accommodate small vans, and reliable manual components.

Travrsa-LT Transport Wheelchair

Travrsa-LT Transport Wheelchair

Stretcher or Gurney

Lower Purchase Price Higher Purchase Price
Only One Operator Needed Two Operators Needed
Low Tipping Risk Higher Tipping Risk
Better Passenger Comfort Poor Passenger Comfort, Requires Traveling while Laying Flat on the Back
Raises and Lowers with Ergonomic Foot Pump. No batteries or charging needed! Raises and Lowers with Manual Lifting
or Electric Apparatus
Fits in small or large transport vans Requires a larger transport van
Low Maintenance Costs and Replacement Parts Higher Maintenance Costs and Replacement Parts

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