Fleet & Destination Compatibility Guide

Will the Travrsa-LT Transport Wheelchair fit in your vans, customer’s home, facility, or other designated pickup locations? The Travrsa-LT is designed to be slim and maneuverable for most environments.

Here’s an easy guide to the dimensions of the wheelchair to help you determine where you can go with your Travrsa-LT.

Travrsa-LT Transport Wheelchair Dimension Limits

Minimum Height at Lowest Seat Elevation (Full Upright Position): 52”

Minimum Height at Lowest Seat Elevation (Full Tilt, No Recline): 48”


Minimum Length (in Full Upright Position at lowest leg support position): 58”

Maximum Length (Full Recline in Lay-Flat): 73”

Maximum Width: 27 5/8”

Transport Vehicle Entrance Dimension Capabilities

The Travrsa-LT Transport Wheelchair fits comfortably in most wheelchair-accessible minivans, vans, and buses. We recommend that your vehicle have a height clearance of at least 48” and that your ramp be a minimum of 29” wide.


Common van models used for non-emergency medical transport (NEMT) include the Ford Transit and Ram ProMaster vans. Standard mini-van models include the Chrysler Pacifica, Dodge Grand Caravan, and Toyota Sienna. Please contact your local vehicle conversion dealer for more information on vehicle models, dimensions, and specifications. Some vehicle models can be configured to fit multiple wheelchairs, increasing your trip capacity.

Need More Help?

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You can also reach us by email at info@travrsa.com or by phone at 844-287-2877.

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