Matrx® Seating Series Available with IKON 40 Wheelchairs

IKON 40 Ultralightweight Wheelchairs get a major comfort and capabilities upgrade with the Matrx Seating Series from Motion Concepts, providing a higher degree of clinically optimized features for basic comfort all the way up to complex rehab needs.

The right combination of a mobile wheelchair and seating can be the difference between positive patient experience and a poor or even painful one. Travrsa’s IKON 40 and Matrx Seating allows for customization to provide the optimal wheelchair experience for any occupant.

Quick attachment hardware for back supports and seat cushions allows for quick on and off attachments creating secure safe comfort on the go.

For Convenience: all Matrx® Seating Items Arrive in the same box as IKON 40 Wheelchairs with Back Support Quick Attachment Hardware Pre-Installed

1. Choose Your Seat Cushion:

2. Choose Your Back Support:

3. Choose Your Head Support: Optional* Only Available with Back Supports