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The APP (Additional Positioning Padding) seat cushion is modular seating made with high specification foam and covered with 4-way stretch, breathable waterproof fabric. The APP seat cushion is a no-maintenance, easy-to-use system that attaches quickly and securely over the wheelchair seat upholstery. Pair with the APP Back Cushion or SPP Back Cushion for a complete comfort seating solution.

Recommended for less active wheelchair occupants who want a quick immersive comfort upgrade with contouring and alignment for positioning.

The APP Seat Cushion offers enhanced benefits to IKON wheelchairs:

  • Seat cushion conforms to bony prominences and offers a firm anterior with a soft rolled edge to reduce stress on the vascular structures behind the knee.
  • Enhances pressure redistribution and comfort through support, immersion, and envelopment.
  • Ease of cleaning to help maintain infection control.

E2601 HCPCS*

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