How to Order

Travrsa’s team of seating and care experts will work with you to select the best wheelchair for your needs. If you need any or have questions, please contact us or call us at 844-287-2877 today!

1. Seating Assessment

A seating assessment is conducted by a local clinician or durable medical equipment specialist to understand the specific seating or positioning needs.

2. Chair Selection & Prescription

Based on the seating assessment, the clinician or durable medical equipment specialist will work to confirm the features and functions match the prescribed equipment needs of the patient. Occasionally a temporary seating trial or evaluation chair can be utilized to ensure correct equipment selection.

3. Chair Configuration and Price Quote

Our support team and partners will help configure the specific accessories, padding packages, colors and features for your perfect fit. Travrsa and our local Partners offer several different purchasing or rental options to meet your needs. Our experts can help you navigate any State and Federal government funding programs like Medicare and Medicaid that can alleviate some of the total expenses.

+ Ongoing Support for Repair or Maintenance

Travrsa wheelchairs last a long time and are extremely durable. However, over time, repair or maintenance may be required to keep your product functioning properly.