What is the size (height, length, and width) of the Travrsa-LT?

The Travrsa-LT is 27 5/8″ wide, 58″ long, and 50″ tall when in standard use position.


At maximum, the Travrsa-LT is 52″ tall in full, upright position and 73″ long in full recline.


At a minimum, the Travrsa-LT is 48″ tall in full tilt and 58″ long with no recline


Note that the Adjustable Seat with 20″ – 24″ does not affect the overall width of the Travrsa-LT at 27 5/8″ wide.


Travrsa-LT Specifications:

  • Maximum Height: 52” (Full, Upright Position)
  • Minimum Height: 48” (In full tilt)
  • Length: 58” (leg support in the lowest position)
  • Length when in Full Recline: 73”
  • Width: 27 5/8”

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