About Travrsa by Broda

Travrsa by Broda is the leading manufacturer of WC19-certified transport wheelchairs specially designed for NEMT operators. Our Travrsa-LT Transport Wheelchair is crash tested to the highest WC19 standards, making it the safest and most comfortable seating option for your NEMT passengers. With the Travrsa-LT, a single operator can lift, lower, tilt, recline, and pivot the wheelchair independently. This wheelchair has the benefits of a stretcher or gurney while being much safer, more comfortable, and easier to use. Our mission is to increase passenger comfort and make trips easier for operators with a durable, easy-to-use, WC19-certified transport wheelchair.

A History of Safety & Comfort

Since 1981, Broda has been dedicated to making wheelchair seating safer and more comfortable. We began by offering an alternative to institutional-style seating in long-term care, which neglected the needs of the individual and led to countless falls and injuries.

Since our beginnings, we have applied our knowledge of seating comfort to non-emergency medical transportation by adding WC19 certified transport packages to upgrade our most popular wheelchairs. Rather than needing a separate wheelchair for travel, people with limited mobility could now enjoy more freedom in their everyday wheelchair, which was built specifically for their bodies and needs.

Woman in safe WC19 certified wheelchair

Pioneers of Comfort in NEMT


Throughout our years of operation, Broda noticed that non-emergency medical transportation operators wanted the same levels of comfort and flexibility for their clients. Unfortunately, the industry standards of stretchers and foldable transport wheelchairs weren’t cutting it. We knew we could apply our seating expertise to create an alternative for the benefit of NEMT providers and their passengers.

So, Travrsa by Broda was born – a brand new way to look at seating in non-emergency medical transportation. In 2023, we launched our flagship product – the Travrsa-LT Transport Wheelchair. It has the best of both stretchers and standard transport wheelchairs while offering superior comfort and versatility.

Meet our Travrsa by Broda Leadership Team

Our success is truly a team effort. Our team members are dedicated to their work and passionate about providing mobility and comfort to those who need it most. Our leaders have a wealth of experience in the healthcare industry.


We are committed to the success of our partners, end users, and the healthcare community. Please connect with us and let us know how to improve our products and services to continue to provide the best possible care.

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